I’m not sure if I should start by saying that I’m happy that the last year is over and that the new year finally came around… It was actually quite a nice year, for instance I completed a half marathon (I wouldn’t have thought that I’d be able to do that 1 year ago) or flew over to California to visit my family that lives over there. Of course there were some downs but also a lot of ups and I just hope the new year will be at least as good as the last year – hopefully it will be even better.

Wicklow Mountains

I did not really come up with new year’s resolutions – again… The resolutions I would have are usually the same ones that I had before like eating better, drinking more water, spending more time outside, blogging more regularly, taking care of relationships (letters are so easily put aside and not answered for way too long) or structuring everything in my life much better (at work I know how to do that very well, but for the rest…).

The main goals which I set for myself for 2015 are not really a surprise and were already set in autumn last year:

Goals for 2015
  • Half Marathon under 2h (I want to run the Dublin Half Marathon again this year)
  • Triathlon (I would like to finish the Dublin City Triathlon in August)

Yesterday I signed up for the My 1000Hours 10K in Phoenix Park in March as a first run of the year and to have a first little goal to work for. I recently got a little bit lazy, especially with running after I got my bike. I rather went for a spin in the Wicklow Mountains than lace my runners up. Now that I have set my first goal I hope it easier to motivate to go out in the dark after work or on the weekends.
Also the date for the Great Ireland Run, the Irish Runner 5 Mile and the Fingal 10K are already in my calendar that I can plan everything else around those dates. Two other competitions or challenges that I have in my mind but do not have a date set are the Tough Mudder in summer (I would like to volunteer again one day and jump into the mud the other day) and a sprint distance triathlon before going for a Olympic distance triathlon in August.

Aside from all the sportive goals I also made some plans for work and education but that is something to tell about when it’s time for that…

I wish you a wonderful year 2015. =)


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