Last weekend I was visiting a friend of mine in Liverpool. We spent some time on the beach in the sun, went down to Wales – the names for places are even worse than here in Ireland, believe me :P – and last but not least we did some sightseeing in Liverpool. Thanks to a really busy week I only got a chance to look at the photos a few days ago, so no chance to get everthing ready…

Formby, Liverpool, UK - Beach

On the beach in LiverpoolGetting a sunburn in England might sound rather unlikely but believe me, it is possible. Most parts of my skin that got too much sun were red like a lobster and hurt – a lot. Well, that’s the punishment for spending hours in the sun without sunscreen. Now, I’ve partly a nice tan which iTea and Nikes nice but untortunately I’m kinda moulting like a snake.
After our walk on the beach and the nap in the dunes we went for dinner in Nando’s. All that food in there never fails to fill me up and I always could roll home. On the way home I just had to stop at the Nike store where I found this great pair of workout tights and in Tesco’s I got almost all the tea I wanted to get since I couldn’t get it here in Ireland. What else would one bring home from England?


WalesWall walkingOn Friday we went down to Snowdonia National Park in North Wales. The strange names for places in Wales somehow turned buying a train ticket into some small challange – despite trying to figure out how to pronounce Betws-y-Coed the evening before. Spelling it helped though and after about 3h we arrived at our destination just to be send into the wrong direction. So far I thought tourist information should sent you where you want to go and not somewhere else. Well, we just grabbed some ice cream and walked where we wanted to go.
Somehow along the way there was no footpath and we didn’t really have the biggest confidence in the car and especially truck drivers so that we decided wall walking is by far the savest option to get to the waterfall and of course getting back to Liverpool in one piece.

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere we found a place which looks right of a fairytale where all the dwarfs live. Just two days before my trainer told me I’d be quite fit. This is really nice to hear and boosts your confidence, but that worked only until I had to climb those 40 or 50 steps which had led down to that magical place out of the fairytales before. I was complete wrecked when I was back on top and then we still had some way to go. Next time I’ll be kicking someone’s bum. :P
After climbing the stairs we continued our way to the waterfall and met some weird lamps. We absolutely enjoyed the Welsh nature and after some mixed up coffees we started back for home and another delicious dinner. Guess where we ended up – again…


Waterfall Snowdonia National Park

Liverpool cathedralOur last day together we spend with sightseeing in Liverpool. My friend showed me the main sights of the city – the attractions about Beatles and the fanshops of the FC Liverpool and FC Everton (the Premier League was over already, so no chance to show me a match but I guess the both of us wouldn’t have been too keen on that anyways). We took a Hop on – Hop off bus tour and got off at the cathedral. We got up the tower and saw some air show which was part of the event at Albert Dock. It was quite good that we were just then on the tower to look over the city. As Germans we expected the planes to arrive on time though. Seems in England being on time isn’t that big as a deal as for us. But at least there’s an info at the train stations when the train is even one single minute too late. Something to be learned from… Especially in Wales where the train just never seemed to arrive and then even displayed the wrong direction. But no worries, we made save and sound back to Liverpool to eat another dinner in Nando’s the day before.
The Saturday we ended our day as always when living together for a while: Watching a movie. Nothing beats good company and watching The Holiday for the probalbly millionth time.


On Sunday morning way too early I flew back home and took the sun back with me to Ireland since it started to rain in Liverpool after I left and here in Dublin we have great weather since…


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