Sally Gap Wicklow Mountains

With the probably biggest holiday of the year in Ireland today (17th March) I took the chance to take a 5 day weekend starting on Friday and lasting until today. The Friday started with the usual 6 am swim but after breakfast I was just sitting down for a short while and fell asleep again. In the afternoon I was sitting in a t-shirt in the sun outside in the garden reading a book. That’s a great life, isn’t it?

Me Trek Lexa S

Saturday I saw my trainer for a new programme as I a in week 7 of my 8 week training plan. The training plan will pretty much stay the same apart from the weekend, I will change the days when I go for a long run and for a long cycle because I push myself more, if I go cycling with the Sunday group.
The programme pretty much changed as well, and oh boy… That will be tough. I have more core exercises again and some other exercises that are completely new or I have done them slightly different before. I really do not want to know how the swims will feel like the days after. Hopefully I still can lift my arm out of the water. But that is next weeks problem… Thank god!

Sally Gap

On Sunday I went out cycling. As no one from the tri club wanted to go out – it was Mother’s Day in Ireland, St. Paddy’s weekend and a couple of guys are in a warm weather training camp – I went into the hills. I did not go there for a while so this was the chance.

Wicklow Mountains

There are parts up the hills coming from Marley Park cycling to Sally Gap when I am more crawling up the hills than climbing. I am super slow and when I am alone I can take as much time as I want as no one needs to wait for me on the top of the mountains. Plus it I love it to cycle on my own in the countryside from time to time. Just me, my bike and the fresh air.

Wicklow Mountains

Wicklow Mountains

After I finally reached Sally Gap I continued towards Roundwood – passing the Guinness Lake – and Enniskerry, and then finally back home.
It took me 3 hours to finish the 63K loop plus a few stops to drink and eat.

Today most people in Dublin were probably in the centre to see the St. Patrick’s Day parade, sat in a pub or spent some time with the family. My training plan told me to go to the gym and do intervals. Well, since intervals and I are not the best friends and there is hardly another chance soon to go cycling during the week, I decided to spend some more time with my bike.

The weather was not really the best but at least the temperatures were a little bit better than on Sunday. I wanted to go back up to Sally Gap but a different route which was not that steep.
So, I cycled to Blessington. From there I cycled over the Liffey and started a little bit of climbing on the other side when it started to rain. I was thinking about continuing back to the N81 to take the more or less straight way home but once I reached the sign showing towards Sally Gap I took that turn and started climbing.

The rain was not too bad so it did not really matter and it gets warm when you climb any way. Although most part were rolling hills I eventually had to climb to get up to Sally Gap. I had the felling the climb was never over and one car after another just passed me.

Eventually I reached the top and continued my way back home knowing that I would have it much easier than 2 days before when I climbed up those roads. But it was not as nice as I hoped it would be because it started to rain quite heavily and the rain was cold, very cold. I just wanted to get back home as fast as possible because I was freezing. Once I reached Marley Park I noticed that the streets were dry and it only rained up in the mountains. But that is not really helpful as all clothes were already wet. At least I knew that a hot shower was waiting for me at home.

Tomorrow it’s back to the training plan and back to work. Hopefully my legs will be nice to me then (and I am already afraid they won’t be… :P)

☘ ☘ ☘ Happy St. Patrick’s Day! ☘ ☘ ☘


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