I was really looking forward to the last weekend – racing on Saturday, a nice evening in Westport and a spin around the area on Sunday.


The hotel was just a stone’s throw away from the start of the race and the transition, so it was just a quick walk over. Nonetheless, I managed to run in front of the photographer before and after the race on those 300m between hotel and transition.


The swim was a sea swim. Other than Seapoint the water was very calmet that I had a lot of space around me. I definitely need to do something about this since the same happen which I did not use at all because I swam more a middle distance pace than a sprint pace – not to forged in Carlow, too.

The transition was okay but I felt a little bit sick when I grabbed my bike. That feeling luckily went away once I left the transition.


The bike course was out and back along the coast passing Croagh Patrick. It was fairly flat with a few up and downs. The route was also open for cars and drove onto the other lane when passing some athletes that it came straight towards me. I already saw myself ending in the grass on the side of the road or on the bonnet of the car. Other than that scary moment the bike was much better than Carlow.

The second transition was also okay but I can speed this up a little bit.


The run was so much better than in Carlow. The three weeks of training in between made quite some difference but then the run was also about 150m short which I definitely liked. The course had two turnarounds which meant that you see loads of familiar faces but you also see where you are. In my case that meant staying in front of Linda and I managed it – by 3 seconds.




Day after

Country Mayo County Mayo

On the Sunday we went on a Piranha-Belpark spin. One group did the short 40K out and back route while I joined the group for the 75K loop. The longer spin was led by the Irish middle distance champion and the five tall gentlemen from Piranha scared me at first, if I had made the right decision to go on the longer spin but it was fine and I was only dropped once. It was windy and it rained but it was never cold and I really enjoyed the spin. The scenery was stunning and it is so nice to cycle different routes than the usual ones around Dublin.  I also got to see a little bit more of the west of Ireland. After a lunch stop in Westport I went back home…


Swim Hat

Left over hat from Port Beach Race :P

Last year I raced in one of the Pulse aquathlons in at the Bull Wall and I really liked it (bar the cut under my food from a shell), so I did that one as a training session. The whole day it was raining cats and dogs. Luckily the weather changed in the evening so that it was dry. The race was slightly delayed and I got cold but once I was in the water everything was fine. Unfortunately, I took a small detour again and did not really get into the race well. I need to do something about my swims as I am so much slower than I could be.

On Wednesday then I was for the aquathlon in Bray in the evening. For the first time I was there as technical official to look after the safety of the race. I was a little bit nervous but all went well and it was so interesting to see races from the other side. There is so much you would probably not think about as a participant of a race…


Apart from racing I have been out training for a couple of weeks and I am enjoying it a lot. The tan lines on my arms and legs show that I have been out on my bike quite a bit. What else would one do when the sun is shining in Ireland on the weekend? There is nothing better than getting out and enjoying the weather.

County Wicklow Training

The next race is Hell of the West next weekend. I do not feel as prepared as I wanted to be but I think everything will be fine. After this weekend I feel much better. This weekend also reassured me that I am on the right track for my ironman 70.3 in Rügen. Only 12 weeks left until I will stay on the beach in Binz.

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