Yesterday, I was over in Edinburgh for the day. A while back I found some cheap flights and a show I wanted to see, so I had no excuse not to go. Edinburgh is one of those places I just fell in love with when I visited it for the first time. Also, the atmosphere during the Fringe Festival is great. The city is buzzing for a whole month – people from everywhere are out on the streets and all kinds of events are on every corner. You cannot go anywhere without being asked to come into a free show. When I got onto the plane, I only had The Girl from Oz  booked and the idea to either visit the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art or the Royal Botanical Garden in the morning and maybe some other show later.

Edinburg from Royal Botanical Garden

Before I headed off, I had about 3h of sleep because I was out in town the evening before and that took a bit longer than I had initially planned. Oops. Since I arrived in the city centre before anything opened, I got a White Chocolate Mocha on the Royal Mile as always in Edinburgh to wake up and browsed throw the festival guide for another show. Afterwards, I picked up my tickets and walked down to the Botanical Garden. I do not have a green thumb or any clue about flowers but wondering through a garden and greenhouse it actually quite nice.

Before the first show I still had some time to kill, so I hopped into the National Gallery on the way. I spent most of the time with the paintings from 1400 to 1800 so that I unfortunately did not have that much time for the rooms with the more modern paintings of Monet, Cezanne or Gauguin. Well, next time then…

The first show I went to was Great British Mysteries? which was a little comedy show. This was such a typical example of the festival, a small 1h production in a little room for about 30 or 40 people at a time. Afterwards, I headed over to the Underbelly Circus Hub to see Courtney Act’s The Girl from Oz, her one woman show about pretty much herself and everything Australian. It was a very entertaining cabaret show with a lot of songs which I did not know were somehow Australian or of an Australian singer. Most of the songs had some funny Courtney twist on them, and of course she ended with a Kylie Minogue cover. I am so happy that I flew over to see that show. I loved it.

Afterwards, I headed back to Dublin. I ran back to the bus to make it to the airport on time. Of course, there was no one waiting at the security check because it was the last flight of the day and the airport is not really big. Plus, the flight was delayed for about 15 minutes… So, some little stress which was not needed to finish of the evening. Was there anything about me and travelling by plane? On the plane I fell asleep more or less right away and only woke up when the plane landed which even could have woken the dead…

Glasshouse in the Royal Botanical Garden

In the Royal Botanical Garden

Royal Botanical Garden

Royal Botanical Garden

 Somehow this part of the park reminds me of Phoenix Park <3

Royal Botanical Garden


Wind + Dress = not a good combination XD this is how I had to walk through the city all day since I didn’t want to be a second Marylin Monroe :P

Courtney Act

Courtney Act


If you have £10 left at the airport and exchanging money doesn’t seem the best idea – oops XD



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