Last weekend was finally the Rainbow Run I waited for quite some time. It’s a colour run, it just has a different name.

My roomie and I did the run together and we had a wonderfull time. We enjoyed the sunshine, jogged along the pier (the distance was under 4K and not 5K as advertised, dear organisers, just btw =P) and talked and talked and talked all the time.
Unfortunately, I got some slight sun burn again. “We’ll be covered in colour soon so it’ll be alright!” – No, it wasn’t. I somehow didn’t really bother and got to pay the price for it. Luckily, it wasn’t as bad as in Liverpool the week before and I have a lot of different stripes on the back now…


After the run we ate a big ice cream with a flake. It was delicious and almost a nice end to the day out in Dun Laoghaire. Enjoying more of the sun after finishing the ice cream would’ve been nicer, if a kid with bad manners wouldn’t have bugged us. Too bad that such a nice day ended that way (by the way we were more shocked about the fact that the mother didn’t care that her child misbehaved) but when we were back at home I could add my race bib number three to my motivation wall. Wohooo! (Since yesterday there is also a fourth one…)

From a nice run with a not so nice to a great race with an awesome ending: Yesterday I ran the Irish Runner 5 Mile in Phoenix Park in Dublin. It was only the second time that I was actually in that park, and again it was for a race.

Irish Runner 5 MileThe weather wasn’t really the best. It started to rain during the run and after I finished it was like heaven had opened since it was suddenly raining buckets. But it didn’t really matter to me because I love running in the rain. It’s much nicer than sunshine and no clouds on the sky.
I started slightly too fast. I had planned to cross the finish line after about 46 min and have a 5:40 to 5:45 min/km pace but I stayed well under it, maybe during the incline I was on pace. Otherwise, I was ahead for the whole race. Remembering the Great Ireland Run in April and the incline for the rest of the race I was a little bit scared of the second half of the route but as it was a 5 mile run the route was not quite the same and it was nice to see the way I ran last time from above knowing that I didn’t need to get up from down there as I was already running on the upper way.
I finished in 44:40 and was well over one minute faster than I imagined. I felt absolutely great yesterday during the run. I really hope the Fingal 10K will be equally great. Maybe this weird programme of resistance and sprints on the treadmill once a week pays off (I do the same another day with rowing instead of running but I don’t like it at all so I might get rid of it from this week on but I definitely will keep the sprints on the treadmill).

Unfortunately, the chip on the race number didn’t really do it’s job and only registered my time since the start of the race. Since I tracked myself with my Garmin, I must have crossed the start line about 3 minutes after the race started for the sub 40 min runners. It’s a bit sad that the time isn’t right but what can I do? At least the Irish Independent gets another chance to spell my name correctly tomorrow. Let’s see, if at least that is correct if already the time is wrong…

Have a nice week. =)


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