When I started running this summer I had the goal to run 5km without walking. I started from scratch: walking more than running. Slowly but continuously I reduced the walking breaks and eventually I could run the whole distance and feeling good when coming back home.
I didn’t really do too much excercises during the last weeks because of the end of the studies stress but last week I went running again and I’m so proud of myself how well it went, not to forget that I finally managed to run 5K. I was quite slow I guess but I ran without any breaks. That’s great, isn’t it?

Running Journal

And what’s next now? Well, running 5km regularily from now on and maybe I’ll participate in a charity run before I aim for the next big step – 10K.

Week 41

Monday: Running 4.4 km in 27:38 min (6:17 min/km)

Thursday: Running 4.4 km in 28:13 min (6:25 min/km)

Saturday: Running 5.15 km in 33:54 min (6:35 min/km)


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