Hello… Here I am again! =)

Last weekend my lovely roomie from Germany / Finland was over. It was a great long weekend. We enjoyed ourselves and did quite a lot – I think. We were at Howth (photos will follow later), watched Ireland winning the 2014 RBS 6 Nations, turned one night into a day, ate a lot of great food – maybe a bit too much but the burgers, cakes and so on were so delicious, walked around Dublin (I took a couple of photos this great city too) and relaxed.

One of the things we did as well – of course – was to watch the Paddy’s Parade in Dublin… We saw close to the end in Dame Street. It was nice and colorful, and as last year there was some German marching band. And last but not least, it didn’t rain. The weather wasn’t as great as two days before when we were in Howth but it was dry and that was the main thing.
I have to say though that it was my last parade for a while. It’s nice to see it but when you’ve seen it, well you’ve seen it. Next time I might go again because my kids want to see it. Okay okay, that are pretty much long term plans and hopes but for kids it’s great to go there and watch all those nice costumes.

Have a nice week (my working week started today so the week started for me today, Paddy’s and Tuesday were part of the weekend because I was off ;) ).


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