My October and November were quite busy. I finally went on holiday to California with my mum to meeting my cousins babies. I so waited for those two weeks, ever since I booked the flights in spring… But first things first…

In the beginning of October I participated in the 1st ever Tough Mudder in Ireland. I was absolutely unsure of what I was doing. On the positive side I got myself some company and watched everyone passing the finish line when I was volunteering the Saturday, so I knew I’d survive. And well, I did… The Tough Mudder was a lot of fun and a couple of challenges. Most of them were not that bad, it was more my mind that told me that it’s almost impossible to manage but I tried and the only thing that happened to me was falling down into the muddy water. However, I noticed that I do not have any strength what so ever to pull myself up. For next year I have to ensure I’ll train that a bit…036_-_Oct_Nov

After the Tough Mudder I was so ready for the holiday. This time everything went surprisingly well, if one counts that I didn’t really sleep during those 10h flights. The time over in Sacramento was just great. I so loved it to meet the babies – eventually – and my family I haven’t seen a couple of years. Skyping is just not the same.
I mostly loved the trip to the San Francisco bay area and as always it was just way too short. Next time I really need to take some extra time for San Francisco. But hey, flights are that expensive any more to fly over so I have to ensure that it won’t be that long again and that I can see more of the San Francisco bay area… 037_-_Oct_Nov

Back home in Ireland, I noticed right away the nice warm days were gone for this year and the autumn has come. It was so much colder and darker than before I left. At least the day of the Dublin Marathon was nice. I was looking forward to have a look at the runners passing by. I really want to run a marathon but I think that is more some goal for 2016 or so. First I want to finish a triathlon.

In the beginning of November I finally got my bike. Ever since I dumped the Luas for my daily commute and use my bike now. I never knew hoe many hills there are in Dublin. And surprisingly the weather has been quite well so far that I only used my rain trousers once or twice. In November it was also time for Rugby. The Autumn Internationals lured me into the Aviva Stadium for 3 weekends and on the last one I was back at the RDS to watch Leinster win over the Ospreys.


Now that I have a couple of days off I eventually get the chance to tick off a couple of things on my bucket list, like walking parts of the Wicklow Way or I cycled the Sally Gap loop… But more about that next time. =)


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