UCDIn the end of November I finished my first semester which had completely taken over my life and so it is probably no surprise that I spent the weekend before handing in my individual assignment over 20 hours in the library. You cannot believe the relieve once it is all over but it still felt a little bit strange to have time for oneself again…

The week after the semester ended, I was back home in Germany to get a few things sorted, to go to the theatre with my mum and to spend time with friends in Hamburg. It was great to meet them after long time.

The days around Christmas and New Year’s were busy thanks to work but I was really looking forward to those two long weekends to just relax, do a jigsaw (we do not talk about the fact that it is still not finished) and watch James Bond.
Christmas was also the date I set myself to decide on my next season… What would be my main race, what other rases will I do?

New Gear

SwimChristmas was my deadline to decide, if I would do the Ironman 70.3 in Dublin or on Rügen. Thanks to the semester end in the end of April and the beginning of the third semester in the middle of September, I have the whole summer to train and prepare for the race because I do not have any courses during the summer months. This had let to the earlier decision to do a middle distance race during this summer but the profiles and dates of the interesting Ironman 70.3 and Challange races had narrowed it down to Dublin and Rügen. Since Dublin still had not announced anything and Rügen having an offer of having a supporter in the finisher area, I signed up for my main race just before Christmas. The Strandräuber IRONMAN 70.3 Rügen in the north of Germany in September which gives me most of the summer to train (the lectures will start two days after the race), my mum can enter the finisher zone to give me a hug and the medal, and I finally get the chance to see the famous white chalk cliffs on the biggest island in Germany.


Last weekend I started this year’s training at the winter training camp from my tri club with a lot of drills and swimming. I guess the last time I swam five times in three days was during a training camp over 10 years ago. I have the feeling I learned to swim again. I did not think that I would do so much wrong and what it actually was that I did wrong.
I always thought that the way I breath out was wrong which in the end is actually the right way to do it. I also was told that this way of doing it comes with the passport… I guess I have watch the German triathletes more closely now.
I really enjoyed the weekend and got a lot of tips for training and racing this year, especially with probably three sprints, two standard and one middle distance race.

Today I finally went out for a group spin again which was long overdue thanks to no motivation or storms in December. I was not sure how I would feel but it went very well and even if my lovely new Garmin shows only 57K, it was still great to get out again.

Now I only need to kick-start my running and I’ll be on a good way…


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