During today’s run I seriously started to question myself why I signed up for the Dublin Half Marathon in September. When I did that in the beginning of June, I thought it was a good idea. I’m really not sure if I still think the same. In June I “only” ran 10Ks which takes me less than 1 hour. Don’t ask me why I thought that it would be nice to add another 11 km to my runs to run over 2 hours soon.

The plan for today was a 10 mile (16.1 km) run. The reality however was a short stop after 5 miles at the ladies’ in Marlay Park and a total of 11 miles (17.7 km). I really had to force myself through the 2nd mile (feels so bad to admit losing motivation already right in the beginning) and then through the last mile but I did it and I’m really happy that I finished the run. Maybe I’ll be well able to finish the 13.1 mile (21.0975 km) race, it just might be painful – especially when I think of all the ups and downs in Phoenix Park. My legs will thank me when I reach my goal next month…
During the run today I also noticed that my body doesn’t really like all the shitty food I currently eat and I probably still need to wait a bit longer after breakfast until I start running. It seems it’s really time to plan again when to eat and especially what. The last measurements from my trainer suggest looking into what I eat again, too. There are only 5 weeks and a couple of long runs left so it’s getting more important now to ensure that I have the energy to finish the runs.My RoadIDThis week I also got my RoadID I ordered in the end of July. I’m so happy that it arrived. It looks awesome, matches my Garmin Forerunner 10 perfectly and I finally have some emergency numbers with me when I’m out running mile after mile – just in case, hopefully they won’t be needed, ever.
I think, after finishing the half marathon race, I’ll add some other badges as a reward because the “run” already looks great and then I can show off a bit too because I did run 13.1 miles. But first I have to cross the finish line…

On Thursday I was with my roomie at horse racing at the Leopardstown Racecourse. After work we had dinner at Subway – unfortunately with a less pleasant experience – and then we went to the race. Apart from the normal races there was a special race for charity: Beast vs Bike. Nicholas Roche was racing 440 yards (or something like that) against a horse. Clearly me highlight of the evening… I crossed my fingers for Nicholas but the horse was faster. Nonetheless, it was a really nice idea for a charity.
Before Nicholas Roche took the horse on I got a chance for a photo with him. My roomie ran after him shouting that I could get my photo. Slightly embarrassing but I’m really thankful to her though. Now looking at the photo, I’m really wondering why Irish people are considered to be less good-looking than other nationalities. Just saying… ;) I only noticed that standing next to a well trained cyclist doesn’t really flatter my figure…

With Nicolas Roche at Leopardstown Race Course

The evening ended with a concert but as we didn’t really like the band too much we left after a couple of songs. And I also had to get to sleep as I had a 6.30am appointment at the gym. I got a new program (it’ll be painful but it includes a lot of core exercises, clean and press and deadlifts) on Friday morning.

Now it’s time to relax. My poor feet are craving for a pedicure, especially after those 11 miles today and there are still a couple of kilometres left of the 3rd stage of the Arctic Race of Norway 2014 which is currently on TV. Is there anything better to do on a windy Saturday afternoon? I don’t think so…

Have a nice weekend. =)



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