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Yesterday was the first race of the Dublin Race Series 2015. With the triathlons and the Boyne Swim last weekend, I have not really focused on the runs I signed up for the summer. Of course the race went accordingly – everything else then well, mainly because of my mind.

It probably started the evening before when I did not put the stuff out I would need like the clothes, race number, nutrition, and so on. I left it to the next morning to sort it: “It’s the second time you are running this one, you know what you need.” With that thought I went to sleep and on the next morning, guess what happened… I did not find the compression socks I wanted to wear. After I sorted the socks issue I went to Phoenix Park, a little bit later than planned but still on time.

I was prepared for a run in the sunshine which I do not really like. I prefer overcast sky but nothing I can do about it and in Ireland we should be happy whenever we have a more or less clear sky. Also, I was prepared to tackle the ups and downs around of Kyber Road, Military Road and Upper Glen Road. Hearing that I should keep some energy for those hills did not help me at all. I knew about them but did not really want to think about them until I actually reached them.

The first two miles were fine. I was cursing the sun and blamed it that I did not feel as good as I wanted. Hello, it is the end of June. We have summer, it is totally normal that the sun is out and it was not even hot but nice warm with a gentle breeze. Once Military Road begins at the end of Kyber Road and it some hill to get up. Half way I started walking. Of course I was not as fast as before any more but sun and hill together were a great excuse to walk (it is no excuse because my body was fine and it was just my mind. The thought “oh, it does not matter if you walk a little bit, you did that in Dunmore East too” was probably the end for me, I walked before even getting up to 5K or even half of the run. I have to say the worst mistake ever was probably to in Dunmore East at the Hook or by Crook triathlon two weeks when I walked a short part of the run. Nothing happened, no one blames you or anything.

The rest of the race was a mixture of running and walking. The legs felt even worse than before walking (served me just right!) and I just wanted the race to end. At some point I was passed by a guy who cheered me on when he passed me. When he ran in front of me I saw the red Ironman logo on his calf. I started running again and caught up with him. We chatted a little and actually ran to the finish.

So, instead of being faster than last year which was my aim, I was over 1 minute slower and totally annoyed with myself how I let myself down by walking. If I do that in training it is a little bit different but in a race? In 4 weeks is the Fingal 10K in Swords. That race is only 2K longer and flat. I really aim for a nice race with a decent finish time, no walking and not fall like last year (aka looking into the direction you are running).
I know that a running diary which I had when I started running was really helping me so I probably will take that out again and write down what I did and how I felt. I also need to ensure that I get back into a routine, maybe doing the runs always at the same days at the same time. And last but not least getting the nutrition back on track too. Feeling so crappy is not only because of my mind, not eating as well as I should is most likely another reason why I do not feel as well as I would like.

Shoes Swim Hat GogglesAfter the rather crappy run yesterday I was looking forward to today’s training. The morning started with a 80K cycle and later I went for a swim in the sea.

When I left I though it would be nice and sunny but since we are in Ireland, it was also quite windy. I have not really missed that wind for a while. We did a home – Rathfarnham – Rathcoole – Celbridge- Maynooth – Kilcock – Maynooth – Leixlip – Lucan – Phoenix Park – home loop. Although the pace was slightly slower than usually on a Sunday, my legs are telling me that I cycled a bit.

On a warm, sunny Sunday afternoon there is nothing better than going for a  swim in the sea. That I got the car from my landlady was even nicer. Driving  for 20 minutes in a car is so much faster than travelling 1 hour with the bus and the Dart to Killiney. Although I do not mind it too much because I usually read a book on the bus or the Dart. I just have less time for anything.

My next race will in the first full week of July. I want to do an Aquathlon (750m swim, 5K run) but I have not decided yet which one, so I will race either on 8th or 9th…

Have a good start into the new week. =)


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