… is going to be my year. Or with other words it better be my year. I have planned a lot and I will need to put quite some effort into the training but I will be worth it in the end.

I signed up for almost all of the races and challenges I want to do this year – my poor bank account wasn’t too happy about it but now I do not really need to worry about the entry fees anymore. Only for the Dublin City Triathlon I could not sign up yet because the registration will open in two months.
What still scares me a little bit is the fact that I signed up for my first triathlon. I will really do that in four months’ time. Now there is no backing out anymore, I will have to face those 750m swimming, 20K cycling and 5K running in May. I have to admit that the scariest part of the triathlon are the changes between swimming & cycling and cycling & running as well as swimming in a river. I’ve never been the biggest fan of races in open water, I prefer the pool where I can see the bottom of the pool.

January - starting with the training
February - training and holidays
March 07.03.2015 My 1000 hours 10K
April 11.04.2015 Great Ireland Run
26.04.2015 Night Run Dublin
May 30.05.2015 TryAthy (Sprint)
June 27.06.2015 Irish Runner 5 Mile
July 11.07.2015 Tough Mudder volunteering
12.07.2015 Tough Mudder
19.07.2015 Fingal 10K
August 23.08.2015 Dublin City Triathlon (Olympic distance)
September - Back to University
19.09.2015 SSE Airtricity Dublin Half Marathon
October - nothing planned yet
November - nothing planned yet
December - nothing planned yet

When you see my schedule for this year, you might not be surprised that my training plan is pretty much reflecting all the things I want to do.
When I wrote down in the beginning of the year what I wanted to do in a week to reach my goals I was a bit more conservative but the plan from my PT is a bit more straight forward. There is no being lazy anymore at all, plus the cycles to work got also a bit longer, almost every day I take a little detour. I know that I will miss the Spinning classes. Last year I was there two days a week and now there are none left but looking at my schedule you see that there is no time for a Spinning class left. I hope from time to time I will get the change to go to the yoga & tai chi class on Sundays.

Monday Rest day
Tuesday Resistance training
Running (intervals)
Wednesday Swimming (15m pool)
Thursday Resistance training
Friday Swimming (50m pool)
Saturday Cycling
Sunday Running (long run)

Next to the training plan which includes a new programme for the resistance training, I also started to track my food – not quite voluntary though. My PT will check from time to time what I eat as the one or the other kilo shall finally say goodbye…

So far I got through the first week quite well. Although I am constantly cursing about needing to track every little nut or seed I eat but it will be worth it in the end. I will eventually reach my weight goal I set some time ago and be fit as a fiddle when the summer comes around. It is also better for running and cycling. Unfortunately the weather on Thursday was rather bad that I decided to skip the run after work – in the first week. The cycle home was not exactly fun as it was quite windy and it was snowing. The snow felt like hailstones on my skin and the cars do not have winter tyres here in Ireland. So I stayed in and prepared some flapjacks that unfortunately fall apart. I hope one day they will turn out well, the taste is quite nice though…
Yesterday I was out cycling for the first time with the triathlon club I recently joined. It was nice really despite the wind and cold. I am really looking forward to those group spins on the weekend now.

As you can see… It is a bit “Bye bye life and Hello training” right now for me but I am looking forward to everything that I planned this year and the way getting there.


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