… and hello Ironman.

After my IM 70.3 Rügen in 2016, Ironman announced a full race for Hamburg. Last year was the debut of the race and since the it close to home, it was just a very tempting race to do. Due to my masters there was no chance of participating in 2017, I kept the race in my mind and to do it the following year. And there we are now: in 2018, the year of my first long distance triathlon.

I already started working on my big goal for this year about two months ago after my holiday in northern California. After almost a year of doing almost no sport, there is nothing better than spending an hour in the pool or going out for a run. The Irish winter has some impact on the training but there will be a way somehow. I just need to keep in mind that Lionel Sanders can spend hours on the treadmill so I can spend a fraction of that time there too. If only there would be more interesting swim training in the pool to watch at the same time.

TrainingThe last weekend was packed with training as Tanja Slater was back over for a training camp. Her swim session are great, she spots everything and gives everyone the area where to focus on as well as the drills how to improve in the end.

Saturday were 1.5h in the pool. This time we were in a 50m in UCD. The last time I was there was probably about a year ago. It was such a difference from the 20m pool where I have had my last swim sessions.

The Sunday started with a strength and conditioning session. A number of the exercises I would do in my own training normally but it is good to have guidance how to do everything correctly. I was so delighted that I was able to hold the plank longer now than a couple of weeks ago, only to be told to slightly change the posture and suddenly it got much more difficult because I found some way to make the plank easier. Well, not anymore now… Over lunch time I was back in the pool with a focus on arms. Afterwards, my arms were sore from the drills and aim to swim correctly, meaning to get the arms properly out of the water and fully finishing the stroke. After the swim it was time for the legs to get tired in a 1.5h turbo session. I had never been to any of the club turbo sessions before. My last spinning class was ages ago and during my turbo session at home I have the company of Boerne and Thiel (I started watching Münster Tatort while cycling indoors). The turbo session was also very different of my normal training and I could really feel it in my legs the next morning.

The evening ended with a delicious vegan meal from friends. What could be better than training all weekend and then getting the dinner on the table without lifting a finger (only to steal leaves out of the salad while waiting because I was so hungry)?




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