After talking about my goals for this year the last time, it’s time to reveal another plan of mine… I decided to go back to university to take a masters degree.

And now I am so excited that I have to tell probably everyone that after some back and forth I finally could accept an offer for a master. So in September I will go back to university to study Project Management at University College Dublin (UCD). Since I cannot imagine to study full time again, it will be a part time master a view days a week after work. Not to forget that there is little difference in tuition fees between Finland where I did my bachelor and Ireland so only studying was quite a no go for me anyway. But since this is all solved I only need to wait until my studies will start in over 7 months.
I am still so surprised how fast the application process actually was. I submitted the application on 2nd January and today I could accept the offer. I already got that one week ago but a few things had to be resolved before but isn’t it amazing how fast this all went?

Triathlon Ireland

Next to my master, there is also the triathlon planned which I would like to do in summer. Last weekend I was at a really nice new members evening of my new triathlon club and today I already got my licence from Triathlon Ireland. Since I only plan to do two triathlons and a couple of runs this year, I decided for a Non Race License and get one day race licenses whenever I will need them. Unfortunately, the weather or rather the wind and some ice and a mild cold kept me from training as I wanted during the last days. I even started to take the Luas to go to work and back home, but hey, at least the wind is ensuring that I rest to get back on track before I start jumping into the pool or cycling the Sally Gap loop again. Believe me, it was more than enough that I was almost blown off the bike on the way home from work last week and listening to the wind outside right now, I never want to leave my bed again… or at least until the wind and the rain stop.

So far the news from the Emerald Island… =) Did I mentioned that I will stay here at least until autumn 2017. Wohooo!


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