This time I can offer avionics which decided to go on strike, a run through Copenhagen airport and a missing suitcase.

And that although everything started smoothly in the morning. The alarm kicked me out of bed at 4.45am, at 6am I took the bus to Helsinki Airport and at 10am I arrived at Terminal 1. It was a bit cold though and on the way between Rauma and Helsinki even some snow and frost covered the ground. Winter in Finland is coming…

Rauma Snow

The security check was alright too and I waited next to the gate for my flight. Then boarding started and when everyone was sitting on their seats, the waiting started. Yay, jackpot! And while we waited, I constantly looked at my watch because I had about 50 minutes between landing and takeoff in Copenhagen. At some point the crew informed us that they had problems with the computers and that they would need to restart the computers before they even switched of the whole plane. Well, that was something new for me. I didn’t have that before. And during all that the clock was ticking and ticking… Just in case, I switched back on my phone to check out the next flights from Copenhagen to Hamburg and the trains from Copenhagen back home. I was curious what options there’d be in case I’d miss my connecting flight.
With a delay of over 30 minutes we finally left Helsinki towards Denmark.


In Copenhagen I got out of the plane somewhere at one end of the terminal at 2.10pm. I looked briefly at the screen “14:25   SK649 Hamburg   B19   boarding   → 16 min” and ran. On the way “boarding” changed to “closed” and my hope to catch my connecting flight almost vanished into thin air. I really didn’t want to run for nothing and then walk back to the transfer centre… When I arrived breathless at the gate the plane was luckily still waiting and I wasn’t even the last one. Going running since this summer had at least some positive effect.

About half an hour later I arrived in Hamburg and waited at the belt for my suitcase, and waited, and waited… Of course my suitcase made it to Copenhagen-Kastrup airport but unfortunately it stayed there for another night. At least I arrived on schedule this time and I got the suitcase delivered home today.

And what did my friends say about my little adventure after picking me up from the airport? “I’ll never fly with you!” – Thanks girls. =)

Hopefully the next flight will be less stressful…


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