Me, before the raceI did it – I finished my 2nd 10K race on Monday. Considering the Great Ireland Run in April, it was quite a bad race. Thinking of my training for the run, it was a good time. I finished in 58:31 (my Garmin told me I finished in 58:27).

It was such a nice feeling to pass all the ladies (and guys with wigs) to go to the front to get into the runners section. I was probably about 10m behind the start line.

As usually during the runs I had for the last 1.5 months, the first four to five kilometres were fine and my pace was good, but then I got slower and the pace for the kilometres six to ten were – well, let’s do not talk about them.
After every km-sign on the side I was just wishing to see the next one and it just wouldn’t come for quite some time. A couple of times I thought I’d walk but I got myself motivated enough to not do that. Sometimes in between I wished that I had taken my MP3 player with me to motivate myself a bit more but there were a couple of bands along the way which was great so music wasn’t really needed all the time anyways and especially in the beginning the noise of the thousands of runners (the shoes, not the people =P) hitting the asphalt was just great.
Apart from me not being overly excited about my performance two days ago, I definitely know that next year I’ll be back to do the run again.

Me, after the race
Source: Nissan Ireland

Usually, I have my training schedule for the week… You know, Monday: Spinning, Tuesday: Rest, Wednesday: Strength, and so on. But due to the bank holiday weekend and the run on Monday everything is upside-down somehow. And since everything is already messy, I thought I use this week to try a few things I wanted to try for a while. Tomorrow I go to a Bootcamp. I still have a voucher for one session and before it expires I will finally try that workout. In a 30 minutes session with my PT I felt like fainting after 20 minutes once, so I should be find and since it’ll be outside, there’ll be a lot of fresh air.
On the weekend I’ll try a body pump class. That’s also one workout I’ve wanted to try out for a while. Let’s see how that’ll be. The instructor of my usual spinning class also does body pump and he explained that very detailed so it should be fun and I’ll be wrecked afterwards I guess. Let’s see how I’ll feel after this week and the new workouts.

I also added a new run to my calender. I just noticed that the Color Run is also coming to Dublin now, so I signed up and on Saturday, 12th July I’ll run for fun somewhere around the RDS and end up in many different colors. It’s a little bit longer in my calender already and it’s a run too but I won’t run. In August the Color Run is coming to Belfast and I’ll go there as a volunteer to color all the runners. I guess it’ll be good craic to be on the other side as for the run in Dublin.


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