Again it took me a couple of days, or rather weeks – oops – until I get the chance to tell what has been going on. I really wanted to do that earlier but life keeps me busy. I had visitors in Dublin and I really enjoyed those days, I attended a couple of events / fairs and not to forget my training plan keeps me busy. There was almost no time to breath but then again all the training is positive stress and I feel great after finishing a long run or a swim in the 50m pool in UCD.

Last weekend I had my first race of 2015. I really did not have any motivation whatsoever the day before. There was a yellow weather warning because of the wind and I did not really want to run against it, not to forget that the route was not really inviting with those hills. Of course there was no preparation like selecting the clothes or pre-race food for this race and I went to sleep way too late. On the next morning I preferred to stay in bed rather going out to run against the wind.

I decided for a sports top based on the temperatures around my place and what my phone told me but in Phoenix Park I regretted that choice. Almost everyone was wearing long sleeves and the wind was much stronger. With still no motivation I got ready for the run and froze quite a bit. Just before the start of the 10K the sun came out and more or less stayed out. Believe me, I couldn’t be happier about my decision for short running clothes…

The run started and off we went. I had changed the virtual pace in my running watch to tell me to run slightly faster but somehow my watch told me that I was ahead of pace most of the time. On the one hand this was a quite bad thing because I knew that there were still a couple of kilometres to go and the last thing what I wanted to happen was to walk because I went too fast in the beginning, on the other hand it was quite a confidence boost because I felt great despite running a faster pace. In the end, on the last mile / last kilometre I really started to struggle. It took some effort to get up the last climb but I tried to distract myself with some maths that it I’d manage to continue at more or less the same pace as I knew the time would I might be well under my personal best from last year. And what happened? I stayed about 2min 20sec under my PB from the Fingal 10K. Wohooo!

Since I participated in the My 1000 Hours run on Saturday, I went out cycling with another group Sunday. So far I only went cycling on my own or with the beginners group on Saturdays. After being told that I could try to change the group and being busy the day before, I went cycling on Sunday.

Full of confidence I cycled to the club house in the morning only to notice that almost only guys showed up. Believe me, at that point there was not much of the confidence from some minutes before left. The group was quite big, we were almost 20 people (maybe 5 girls) and it was so much faster, not to forget that there were basically no stops at all.The weather was quite nice for a spin. The sun was shining and it was not too cold. Only the wind made it a bit tough from time to time.

The idea was to partly cycle the route of the Half Ironman cycling route (the Half Ironman will be in Dublin in August). Most of the group went for a longer spin of about 90K while I joined three others that went for a shorter route of about 60K. For the first time I think this was a good choice before being dropped somewhere in the middle of nowhere in Co. Meath because I’d be out of breath, especially because I already lost my orientation after leaving from the club house. This is not really helpful, if you should find your way back home alone if you get dropped.

Since it was all a little bit faster, I was home earlier than I expected but it was a great workout and I pushed myself without overdoing it. In the afternoon my legs started to get a little bit sore but it did not get any worse and today was a rest day anyway (although cycling to work and back in that wind outside was not really resting).

And well, guess what… Since I enjoyed this weekend so much, I will do the same again. Running on Saturday (my plan calls for 7 miles) and cycling with the guys on Sunday.


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