For some time I’ve wanted to create my very own blog, and with ‘own’ I mean especially the design and the domain. I also kinda like to play around with HTML, CSS, etc.; so this blog was born and now it is finally time for me to move here from my old blogs. Let me know when there’s anything not working properly on the blog yet. I’ll try to fix it as soon as possible and as good as I can.

Although I’ve already been blogging for over a year, I decided to start here from scratch. Since I’m close to a more or less big change in my life, I think this fresh start here fits perfectly.

I’ll mainly post about everything that I think is worth posting. I like travelling, cooking, taking photos and a lot of other things. So, you’ll find here photos of the places I visit or have visited, recipes and just simply nice stories of my daily life I want to share. I also wanna use this blog to keep all the lovely people I got to know during the last years and everyone who’s interested up-to-date.

I hope you’ll feel a bit like home here or come back when ever you like.


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