Co. Dublin and Dublin Mountains

As promised, here are the photos from the nice walk up to Fairy Castle last week…

When we had this awesome weather here in Ireland a couple of days ago (we’re back to rain and wind – what else =P) my roomie and I walked up to Fairy Castle starting on our doorstep to get to the start of the Wicklow Way at Marlay Park in South Dublin. We followed the signes of the Wicklow Way up to Kilmashogue Forest up Ticknock. When the signs showed further into the Wicklow Mountains we walked further up the hill to Fairy Castle. I was there before, walking partly the same way but then I started at the car park in Ticknock. After climbing the highest point (over 500m above sea level) we continued our walk back down the hill and back through the forest and down the road to Marlay Park.

I took us from our doorstep back to our doorstep probably about 4.5 to 5 hours including a stop at the supermarket to get some groceries. From the start at the car park in Marlay Park and back there it took us probably 3 hours. About half or two thirds I walk only in a top because it was so warm which resulted in a slight sunburn. Well, one of the first things I did afterwards was purchasing sunscreen because I don’t want that to happen again. I wouldn’t have thought that the sun was already that strong..

I really enjoyed the walk and added another bullet point to my bucket list: walking the Wicklow Way – all the way from Marlay Park down to Clonegal. I don’t necessarily have to do that in one, but doing stage by stage when I feel like going for a hike sounds more appealing to me and more likely to achieve. Most likely I’ll start this summer with the stage from Marlay Park to Knockree as my roomie likes that idea pretty much too.

It’s always quite a nice to spend some time in the Dublin Mountains. With the car it’s only 10 to 15 min to a car park in the recreational area to enjoy a walk in the nature from our doorstep, plus you have an amazing overview of Dublin, the county, Dublin Bay and the Irish Sea. If you want to overlook Dublin and breathe fresh air, this is the area to go to. I always love to go back up there when the weather is nice on the weekend…

Road up to Kilmashogue Forest Wicklow Way Road up the hill Dublin Wicklow Way Way to Fairy Castle Sugarlove Down through the Forest
  • Hill walk (approx. 3h)
  • Walk, picknick or stop at the market in Marlay Park or picknick / rest in the Dubln Mountains
How to get there:
  • Luas: from St. Stephen’s Green (15 min + 30 min walk)
  • Bus: from Dublin centre to Marlay Park (bus 16) (45 min)
  • Car: just follow the signs ;)
  • Walk: Free
  • Transportation: approx. 4-6€
  • Extra: what ever you eat or drink in Marlay Park
On Fairy Castle


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