Since I’m back in Dublin I’ve had the idea to discover my surroundings a bit more and take some photos where I live. I love taking photos when travelling but never take photos where I live although there is a lot to discover. So my little project is to step by step discover Co. Dublin and then more of Ireland. Little by little I want to post photos of my more or less new home Dublin or tell what you have to visit when being in the Irish capital.

The first place I really recommend to see is Howth, north of Dublin: On the St. Paddy’s weekend my roomie and I were in Howth to see cliffs and enjoy the lovely Irish nature, basically just on our doorstep. We went there with the Dart and walked from the village to the cliffs and back. It took us two or three hours (I think we took the green route) since we stopped again and again to take photos and enjoyed the good weather and the view.

Howth is only a couple of kilometers away from the centre of Dublin and with the Dart it only takes about half an hour. The most beautiful part is the coast which you can discover yourself by walking one of the four marked routes.

Howth Seagull in Howth Howth Howth Howth Gorse Howth Howth
  • Coastal walk
  • Visit Howth Village
  • Events in Howth, etc.
How to get there:
  • Dart: from Pearse Station, Tara Street or Connolly Station to Howth (30min)
  • Bus: from Dublin centre to Howth (busses 31, 31a, 31b, 31n – 40 to 50 min)
  • Car: just follow the signs ;)
  • Walk: Free
  • Transportation: approx. 5-6€
  • Extra: what ever you do, eat or drink in Howth
In Howth


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