Rauma in Autumn

Bye bye, baby, baby, goodbye
Lähden pois vaikka yksin jään
Bye bye, baby, baby, goodbye
Itke en, kun loppuu tää

Catcat – Bye Bye Baby

I can’t really believe that all is coming to an end… my time in Finland (for now) and my studies. Of course it was my decision to start into the working life somewhere else and I am really looking forward to go to a new/old place, but I’ve had a great time in Finland and I’ll really miss it. I guess, I’ll miss it most when the winters are mild and snow is nowhere to be seen.

It’s kinda a weird feeling that many thing have the label “for the last time” now, especially some activities and hopefully also my moving across borders. Yesterday’s “for the last time” was the hockey game in Pori where I watched my boys playing. There is still one game left here in Rauma but it was the last time that I saw JYP playing (at least for quite a while). Unfortunately, they lost the game which wasn’t that good but it’s always great to see JYP playing. I’ll really miss them and hockey in general…

Hockey: Ässät vs JYP

But not all is “for the last time”. Yesterday I ran a 5K for the first time and I’ll definitely will do that again. But more about my sporting activities in my next post. =)


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