After the awesome Kings of Leon gig nothing really interesting has happened – until today when it was time for my next race. Today I ran the Fingal 10K up in Swords in the north of Dublin and finished with a new personal best (so far the summary and the positive part).

Fingal 10K

Since Swords is on the other side of the city I got up at 6am to leave the house at 7am to be at 9am in Swords. I still can’t believe that I’m that mad to wake up at 6am to travel 2h to run less than 1h and then go back for another 2h. But hey, here I am and enjoy sleeping early on Saturday to run the Fingal 10K.

Since the bus arrived surprisingly almost half an hour too early I had more than enough time to look around and get ready for the race…
As the Irish Runner 5 Mile I started faster than I had planned. My goal was to run the 10K in about 57 min as the Great Ireland Run 3.5 months ago. Well, from the 5M race I remembered how I felt and pushed myself despite not knowing if any hills would await me somewhere along the route.

The weather forecast promised sunshine and about 17 or 18 degrees. Luckily, the sun was hiding behind the clouds which made it much nicer to run. I prefer overcast sky over sunshine. If only the temperatures would be slightly lower. With two water stations instead of one and a shower by the fire brigade the warm temperatures we actually quite all right.

Personal BestJust before the final kilometre I – well – I managed to trip over a kerb and fell on the sidewalk. And believe me, it hurt, a lot. The good part is that I was wearing shorts because I guess the tights would have some nice hole in them now. So, it was my skin that kissed the concrete. From the reactions around me, it must have looked bad but I just got up and continued running, regardless of the scratch on my knee which started to bleed. I was so close to the finish line and ran a great pace, so why should a little – or not so little – scratch stop me?

Most of the route was flat with some minimal incline or decent which I really liked. So, you can imagine how delighted I was when I noticed about 500 or 600m from the finish line an incline. Knowing that I ran a good pace I pushed myself up that road and I finished a bit under 1h the first runners crossed the start line.

The first thing I checked after the race was my Garmin which told me that I finished the 10K in 54:49. I hardly could believe that I was over 2 min faster than I expected – despite my fall. Sub 55. That’s awesome! And this time even the chip time is exactly the same when I checked my time on the website of the Dublin Race Series / Dublin Marathon. So, it really must be true that I ran my first sub 55 – 10K today. We’ll see what the Irish Independent will do tomorrow after misspelling my name the first time and then printing a time which was over 3 min too fast.
After collecting all the goodies I had a quick stop a the first aid tent (I think that was needed after a couple of kids told there parents that the woman passing was bleeding) and then started my trip home by waiting 1/2 hour for the bus…

I noticed in the evening that I have some small and bigger scratches now but I’m fine. It just looks bad and hurts but it really id nothing as it usually is with scratches. I already laugh about it and hopefully from now on I’ll look where I’m running. Let’s see how the race photos will turn out in a couple of days. Hopefully there’s none of my fall…

Have a good start into the new week. =)


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