When looking ahead at the year in January, I thought I would document my journey to the Ironman in Hamburg only to realize a few months into the training that none of that happened. I generally switched on my laptop to watch a movie or series during my turbo sessions or because something needed to be sorted, and so the first post about my training is actually a race report. Oops.

Three years ago Hook or by Crook was my second triathlon, now it is the first triathlon that I have done twice. Since I am training for a long distance race, it was only a training for me on the way to Hamburg and a nice weekend away with the club. It was also good to get one race under the belt before the big one since my last triathlon was almost two years ago.

SWIM (750m)

I was quite happy with the swim and I really enjoyed it. The water was much colder than up in Dublin which meant that there would not be any stingy jellyfish around. Yay!
The race started with a beach start which I really like. Before the race, I did not really have a feeling how the swim would turn out as I only had very little sea swims done and most of my swim training was in a 20m pool on my own. Thankfully, I there were not too many people around me.

T1 started with a run up to the car park to the bike. It was definitely not my favourite transition running up a hill with hairpin turns. Once up, it was very easy to find my bike thanks to the pink handlebar tape. Who knew that my love for pink could actually be quite handy one day?

CYCLE (20k)

The bike started with a cycle down a hill, a few sharp corners before leaving Dunmore East towards Waterford. The course was an out and back course over the one or the other hill – definitely not flat as in one of the briefings I read. Most of my brick training sessions had a cloths change included when changing from the bike to the run at home, so I had not really trained to get into the shoes clipped in. Luckily, I remembered the course from before and also learned that getting into your shoes on the bike is nothing you forget. So, I got into my shoes and left them open for technical section of the course before closing them.

The cycle itself was quite uneventful. On the way back, I just realized how lucky I was to start the race in the second wave as later starter were stuck between cars and tractors on the way out to the turning point.

T2 could have been quicker, especially because I opted for the runners with the elastic laces.

RUN (5k)

The run started with a short but steep hill run up to the golf course followed by an out an back run and a loop of the golf course. I was a little bit worried when seeing the map in the race briefing that I could take a wrong turn on the golf course but it was very well taped off along the course. It was a tough course and I am not the best runner, so the time is not the best but I am still somewhat unhappy with the time. The run is definitely something for me to work on.

The day ended with a nice meal with the club and an after party at the golf club and a local pub.

It was a great weekend away, catching up with people and meeting new club members.


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