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I graduated on Friday! I’m a Bachelor of Business Administration now. Wohooo!


I still haven’t really realized that I’m not a student anymore. That might also be because we just went to the office and got our paper, nothing more. The big graduation party for everyone who graduated or still graduates in this semester will be in December but I’ll be somewhere else and won’t be able to participate. I guess it’ll all sink in during the next weeks because there are also some changes ahead, mainly concerning the country where I’ll live.

Yesterday evening I saw my last hockey game in quite a while and right now I’m on my way home to Germany. I started earlier this morning and now I’m sitting at the airport in Helsinki, waiting for my flight. I can’t wait to see my friends at the airport and my family when I’m back home. Since I woke up way too early I’m also looking forward to sleep in my very own comfortable bed.

I guess that are my last greetings from Finland for a while then. Heippa! =)


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