Usually I’m not such a big fan of autumn, especially up here in Finland. It’s getting dark and wet and cold and windy, and most of the time it’s all of that. But somehow this year it’s kinda nice. Maybe because I know that it might be the last Finnish autumn for a while…

The last days I’ve been enjoying a cup of tea while watching a movie – preferably with my lovely roomie, I’ve started a little knitting project (let’s see, if I present the result in the end) or I just walked through the colorful leaves, if it didn’t rain. Also the hockey season started again and last Friday I participated in the beer rally organised by the student union of our campus for the last time. I had a “checkpoint” with friends though and a lot of fun watching other students arrange some pictures in proper order (I thought it was an easy task, somehow it turned out not to be… Ups! ).
My biggest project this summer and autumn was probably my bachelor’s thesis which I finished in the end of last month. I am really proud of it and can’t wait to hold the hard copy in my hands. And last but not least, today I ran over 4km (over 2.5 miles) for the first time. I haven’t done that much sport as I would like due to other activities but somehow I felt so well today that I ran the whole distance. Hopefully, we’ll have a couple of nice days that I can run my first 5K soon…


What do you love about autumn?


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