HandAfter a doing duathlon in May, it was time to try also an aquathlon this season. I decided for the 2nd of the Pulse Bull Wall Aquathlons at the Bull Wall yesterday.

The swim was not exactly the best I ever had. The sea was quite choppy and I probably swam rather 1000m than 750m. My sighting was not that bad and I was aiming to swim to the buoys but when I was closer I was quite far away from the buoys. From the second buoy the swim was just to the steps and even on that short distance I managed to add some extra metres. Well done, Gunda!

Race number

But hey, there is still a second part and I did not know how long it took me for the swim, so that could not demotivate me for the second part.
I got up the steps, ran the short path to the transition while getting partly out of my wetsuit. Since I was early to set up my spot I got the chance to pick a spot just coming into transition. Once out of the wetsuit I put on my runners and my race belt, and was off onto the run.

Running is not exactly my favourite part but a good brick session last week, two gym sessions with six 400m intervals each and a slow but good 6K run on Tuesday gave me some motivation and confidence for the 5K on the beach.

Before the race I was not really happy about the idea of running on the beach. I somehow had in mind that I would run on soft sand and that my legs would be quite heavy after just a few steps. The sand we ran on was hard and it was like running on grass. Thanks to the transition on the beach I had a few stones in my shoes and I was quite sure that I would have a little piece of a shell in my big toe. I did not really want to stop and since it did not get worse I continued running. Plus my worries was cut on my finger which did not want to stop bleeding. No clue where I got that…
Despite the 3cm cut in my toe as I noticed after crossing the finish line, the run went actually pretty well. The time was not that good and as I had expected a number of girls passed me but I did feel well and enjoyed the view, probably a little bit too much from time to time. I hadn’t been on Bull Island before, unfortunately it is just a little bit too far away from home for just a walk along the beach.

I was quite happy with my time after the race but this morning when I saw the results I noticed that my Garmin apparently had decided to stop for about 6min. Thanks, buddy. Well, the almost 21 min for the swim and the transition are also more realistic I have to say.

I would really like to do the third of the Pulse Bull Wall Aquathlons. The race was well organised and I enjoyed the run on the beach but I am not sure how I will feel the day after my first Olympic distance triathlon. Next up is the Fingal 10K in Swords on 19 July. The route is quite flat and earlier this year I had in mind to beat my 10K PB, now I just would like beat my time from last year. Let’s see how that will turn out…


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