The idea of my after – holiday – post was to gell how nice it was to be home in Lübeck, to see my mum, my brother and my grandparents as well as my best friend and how nice Raiders on the Storm and Swan Lake were. But then… Well, you know me and how it is when I travel on a plane. I think I was quite lucky that the last 5 flights were without any problems but now the security personal on Hamburg Airport is on strike since midnight and they will continue until midnight.


Right now I am sitting quite comfortably in a train to Düsseldorf since my flight from Hamburg – as expected – has been cancelled.

This morning I got up early to check online how the situation was and might develop at Hamburg Airport. When I checked the queue at the security check was so long that the people needed at least 3 hours to pass the check, and shortly after the info was updated to over 4 hours and the police had closed the entrance to the terminals because it was overcrowded. And what did I do? I had to wait for the airline to open the phone lines because no one seems to answer a phone call there before 9am (8am GMT) – brilliant. When I had someone on the phone, they only could tell me that there was no information from Dublin yet, I should come to the airport early and that the check-in would open 3.5 hours before departure. Nice, if the airport tells you not to come because the police closed the doors and that you would need to be in the queue for the security check before the check-in desk opens for the bag drop.

Half way to Hamburg I got the info that my flight was cancelled. Surprised? I wasn’t. So, I called the airline and got thr following options. One better than the other…

Option 1: Flight from Düsseldorf at 9pm today, travel there to be paid by me (wohooo, I paid 82€ for the train because I just want to get back to Dublin)

Option 2: Flight from Berlin tomorrow morning, travel there to be paid by me

Option 3: Flight from Hamburg on Wednesday (that is in 2 days)

So, instead of getting home in the early evening and going to a talk at my triathlon club, I will fly late in the evening and probably get to sleep after midnight.
I hope everything goes smoothly now, otherwise there will be an update from Düsseldorf Airport. =) Hey, there are worse things in life than a cancelled flight and unplanned train trips, plus it is not the first time that this happens to me, so I simply laugh about this chaos – again.

Gunda Dorothea

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